What information do we collect?

You cannot be a member of the site, if you don't give us a minimum of the information we need. We only collect your email, password and alias.You can at any given time withdraw your consent, by deleting or changing your information on your profile page. If you withdraw your consent, we will erase the personal information that you have provided us.

Who is collecting the data and how do we collect the data?

music.lewisdick.com collects the data when you type your information into the account creation form.

Why do we collect the data?

We collect your email to allow you as a user to reset your password should you wish to do so.

We use cookies to store session info, which allows for a user to be logged in for a short period of time. Once a browser has been closed, the cookie session disappears. If you delete or do not accept the use of cookies, some features may not function properly.

Your personal information will not be given to a third party. We do not use any sub-processor to handle your personal information

Your privacy rights and who to contact for insight to personal information.

If you want to access information stored about you at music.lewisdick.com, you can see these on your profile page or contact admin@lewisdick.com

If there is any wrong information about you, and you cannot correct them yourself or if you have any other objection towards the handling of your personal data, then contact us at admin@lewisdick.com

You have the possibility to get access to information stored about you and you are entitled to object to our handling of your personal data. In case there should be any personal data that is wrong or misleading, then you are entitled to get them corrected.

You can at any time object to information about you is made an object of handling, just write to us at admin@lewisdick.com

You can also at any given time withdraw your consent to the processing we use with your given consent.

You have the right to complain about our handling of your personal information if we don't agree in your objections.

Deletion of your personal information

We store your personal information as long as we have an active account relationship with you. You can at any time remove the information associated with your account and we will delete it immediately.

Data portability

Your access to get your data retrieved can be found on your profile page.

Our role as data controller

In relation to you we are the controllers for the personal information that you handle and store on music.lewisdick.com.

Your personal data is stored securily using DigitalOcean servers

Changes of our privacy policy

In case of any significant changes of this privacy policy, we will notify you of that in reasonable time with a visible note on our website.

E-mail policy

music.lewisdick.com will not send out any emails, unless the user requests it in case of forgotten passwords.

Have a complaint?

If you have any queries in regards to this privacy notice, or wish to raise a complaint. Please contact us at admin@lewisdick.com