Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
1 Intro
2 Ghettomusick
3 Unhappy
4 Bowtie (feat. Sleepy Brown & Jazze Pha)
5 The Way You Move (feat. Sleepy Brown)
6 The Rooster
7 Bust (feat. Killer Mike)
8 War
9 Church
10 Bamboo
11 Tomb of the Boom (feat. Konkrete, Big Gipp & Ludacris)
12 E-Mac
13 Knowing
14 Flip Flop Rock (feat. Killer Mike & Jay Z)
15 Interlude
16 Reset (feat. Khujo Goodie & Cee-Lo)
17 D-Boi
18 Last Call (feat. Slimm Calhoun, Lil Jon, The Eastside Boyz & Mello)
19 Bowtie
20 The Love Below (Intro)
21 Love Hater
22 God
23 Happy Valentine's Day
24 Spread
25 Where Are My Panties?
26 Prototype
27 She Lives in My Lap (feat. Rosario Dawson)
28 Hey Ya! (Radio Mix)
29 Roses
30 Good Day, Good Sir
31 Behold a Lady
32 Pink & Blue
33 Love In War
34 She's Alive
35 Dracula's Wedding (feat. Kelis)
36 My Favorite Things
37 Take Off Your Cool (feat. Norah Jones)
38 Vibrate
39 A Life In The Day Of Benjamin André (Incomplete)

Dominic rated this


At 2 hours 15 minutes this double album is a big commitment to listen to, in comparison to most music. I personally see this album as an ode to black music in America. It has hip hop, funk, soul, jazz, gospel and rock, which is what comes to mind for me when I think of the African American contribution to modern music. If you’re expecting every song to sound like Hey Ya!, this is not the album for you. There's a deep knowledge of music and experience that both members drew from for this album. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is the combination of solo albums from both members of OutKast(Big Boi and Andre 3000). Even though it was released as a collective piece, you can definitely treat the two halves as separate pieces of work. This was released as the work of OutKast, but each album has very little of the other member on it. I think only two tracks on each album have the other member appear on the song, so 4/40 of the tracks. I'd imagine they did help with the creative process on each other's songs though. OutKast are one of the few artists I know who could release an album this long and manage to keep it fresh and engaging. The music is tongue in cheek and funny without coming across as cheesy. In-between the humour, there are deep, intelligent lyrics, especially from Big Boi. There isn't really a song I dislike on the album which is impressive for an album this long. Most tracks on this album work individually, except for some of the interludes. The Andre 3000 side of this album is definitely a lot more varied as it draws inspiration from a lot of genres and I think that’s part of his personality. Andre 3000 likes to standout, I wouldn’t even call it Hip Hop. I can clearly hear inspiration from musicians like Jimi Hendrix and George Clinton (he led Funkadelic who basically invented funk music). Andre 3000's side has Roses and Hey Ya! which are both undisputable genius, I could never get sick of those songs. However, this album also has some real pure soul music, it's a nice blend. Prototype is one of the many tracks I’m glad I discovered, the lead guitar is soothing and the bass is sexy, it really hits the spot and is a perfect example of what Andre 3000 was going for on this album. I could go into every track track on this album, but I’d be here all day. Hip Hop is massively missing artists like OutKast who weren't afraid to not follow the trend. I feel like they never really tried to write music for the purpose of it being successful. There isn't really anyone else from the 2000s that sounds like them. I think lots of rappers forget the funk, jazz and blues background that rap comes from. OutKast fully embrace it while keeping it fresh and modern. If I was to say which side I prefer, it would probably Speakerboxxx. The Love Below has some of my all-time favourite tracks, but Speakerboxxx is more consistent. It’s pure funk inspired Hip Hop and Big Boi goes hard on this, I love his flow and lyricism. He did a brilliant job on the features (except for Lil Jon he didn’t add much), they helped to deal with keeping the listener engaged. There isn’t a track on that half that doesn’t belong on the album. The standout tracks for me were all of them to honest. I went to select my favourites from Speakerboxxx, but I realised it was all of them, Big Boi did an amazing job. I could write forever about this album, but I’ll leave it here. To summarise this album is very clearly an insight into the minds of Big Boi and Andre 3000, there’s no song that represents the album which highlights its diversity. OutKast are without a doubt my favourite Hip Hop group.

William rated this


Even though I do love some of the songs a lot, I couldn't enjoy this album experience too much. Way too many useless interludes and random bits taking up way too much time. Would not listen to the album(s) again, but I will keep listening to the songs I like from it.

Lewis rated this