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Cameron rated this


One of the best projects of 2017

Lewis rated this


Honestly, the album wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. The beats on the tracks tended to be better than the actual lyrics/vocals on them. The artists that have influenced Jaden when making this album were very obvious, I mean watch me is essentially Black Skinhead by Kanye. It follows a similar beat, and the flow is incredibly similar. Would be nice to hear something different. Also I feel the album really didn't need to be 1hr 10mins, it would have worked a lot better as a 40~ minute album, like most others. This didn't really help with my boredom while listening to this. Overall the album isn't bad, I don't think I'll listen to it again, but I'll keep an eye out for whatever stuff he drops, Interested to see how he develops.

William rated this


Pretty meh. It's alright, but not good. Some songs are ait, and nothing is too bad, but the album is just too long and boring. Also I can't get over the fact that this is Jaden, it takes me out of it.

Dominic rated this


I struggled to finish the album and I only really liked a few tracks, so I can't rate it higher than this. It's really hard to hear someone like Jaden try to act deep and complain about his life. This album felt like one big ego trip from a kid with lots of money and connections. If this was some unknown rapper I'd think it was just a mediocre rapper with a talented producer. Every time he references people like Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr or talks about things like healing poverty I cringed. It felt like he was copying standard rap topics without any real meaning behind it. Some of the beats were pretty good, but none of them really stood out. Jaden can copy Kanye but I highly doubt he'll release anything close to what Kanye has. The biggest negative for me was how long this album was. Even the most talented of artists would struggle to write an album this long and keep you engaged. Jaden is definitely not the right artist to do this. This album could've easily have been condensed down to 40 minutes or separated into two albums, there are songs that could've been cut. The tracks I did like were: Falcon, Icon and Watch Me (it was good because he ripped off Kanye)