Utopia Defeated
1 Walrus
2 Satan
3 In The Water
4 Cortisol
5 Alihukwe
6 King Franco Picasso
7 the day I first found god
8 Toxic City
9 Brother
10 Oyster

Lewis rated this


Dominic rated this


I was debating between giving this album a 3 or a 4, but the fact that I was undecided made me lean towards giving it a 3. There wasn't enough positives for me to justify giving it a 4. It was pleasant listening and I respect what the artist is doing. I just feel like there are artists doing far more interesting things similar to this, especially in terms of loop pedals. It's rare that I come across music of this type(indie rock) that appeals to me on a particularly deep level. I feel like a lot of this shit is stuff that music critics eat up, it's left of centre enough to not be deemed generic, whilst remaining pretty safe. His voice really reminds me of an artist I've heard before, I just can't visualise who it is. I saw lots of people comparing his voice to Sting, so that might be it but I don't think it is. I've listened to this three times now and I don't think my opinion will change. It's definitely a solid effort though, especially from a solo artist.

Hannah rated this


'Walrus' was recommended to me in my Spotify daily mix at the beginning of the year and I rly liked it so went on to listen to the whole album. It quickly became one of my fav albums, there isn't one song I dislike. According to Spotify it's been my most played album this year so I would recommend it to anyone :)