Lewis rated this


Its honestly amazing how they managed to release another album of this quality so soon after SATURATION. This is just as good as SATURATION, will need more time to decide if its better or not. Got me hyped for SATURATION III, which is apparently dropping before the year is over.

Dominic rated this


I'm loving this so much, every track is a banger. I actually think this is an improvement on their first album. It works a lot better as an album than SATURATION did, it flows really well and the production is really good. Ameer is still my favourite member of BROCKHAMPTON, but there isn't a member that really struggles to keep up with the standard of the others. I know people are already looking forward to SATURATION III but this album will satisfy me for a long time. Being gay and in a boy band is cool now :---)

James rated this


Another great album for the playlist. Highlights for this album for me were GUMMY, SWAMP, JUNKY and SWEET.

William rated this


Real fly chill rap